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Films Produced


Backlash is an action-thriller directed by David Chameides (USA) with female lead actor Danielle Burgio (USA) and male lead Kevin Levrone (Italy). It follows the story of a CIA Agent Skye Gold being pursued by a mystery avenger in the midst of Caribbean Carnival.

Contract Killers

Contract Killers is also an action-thriller written and directed by Justin Rhodes starring Frida Farrell (Sweden), Rhett Giles (Australia) and Nick Mancuso (Italy). CIA Assassin Jane attempts to break out of the contract killing business to lead a normal life.


Limbo is a Norwegian drama written and directed by Maria Sødahl (Norway) starring Line Verndal (Norway), Henrik Rafaelsen (Norway) and Lena Endre (Sweden). The film is about a Norwegian family Jo, Sonia and their kids moving to Trinidad since Jo is working in the oil business. The drastic change in lifestyle as well as the discovery that her husband is having an affair, sends Sonia out of grips and into limbo.