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Dave Cabral

Dave Cabral is the founder and President of Galt Alliance Films. Mr. Cabral has over 25 years experience in the entertainment industry and is responsible for negotiating all financial investments as well as all feature film development and production for Galt Alliance Films. Mr. Cabral's feature film credits include Executive producer of two international feature films, Backlash (2006) and Contract Killers (2008) and Co-Producer of a Norwegian feature film entitled Limbo (2010) produced by S.F. Norge. In addition to his minor acting roles, boom operator and Music Manager for the film Men of Grey II - Flight of the Ibis (1996).

Mr. Cabral has extensive experience in entrepreneurship and finance and Accounting, thus introduced his business resilience and prowess in raising equity financing through Venture Capital which was followed by debt financing for his international feature films. He was also one of the first Producers of an international feature film to receive The Production Expenditure Rebate incentive from the Ministry of Trade in the island of Trinidad & Tobago. Mr. Cabral has recently been featured in an Entrepreneurship Case Study initiative commissioned by the College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago (COSTAATT) whereby his entrepreneurial experience has been documented and is currently being used at the tertiary level as a teaching resource for local entrepreneurship study.